Motor Vehicle Accident in Epping and Greenland

Motor vehicle accidents can have a significant impact on an individual’s physical and mental well-being. Even low-speed collisions can cause whiplash, concussions, and other injuries that can lead to chronic pain and disability if not properly treated. That’s where physical therapy comes in. At our physical therapy clinic, we offer specialized treatment programs designed to help patients recover from motor vehicle accident injuries and get back to their pre-accident level of function.

Physical Therapy for motor vehicle accident in Epping and Greenland

Assessment and Diagnosis

Our physical therapists will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your injuries, including a thorough medical history review, physical examination, and imaging studies, such as x-rays or MRI scans. This allows us to accurately diagnose your condition and develop a personalized treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.

Pain Management

Pain management is a critical component of Motor vehicle accident physical therapy. Our physical therapists use a variety of techniques to manage pain, including manual therapy, modalities such as heat and cold therapy, and therapeutic exercises. We work with our patients to identify their pain triggers and develop strategies to reduce pain and improve function.

Range of Motion Exercises

Motor vehicle accidents can often result in decreased range of motion due to muscle stiffness and joint restrictions. Our physical therapists will use various techniques such as passive and active range of motion exercises to restore your normal range of motion.

Soft Tissue Mobilization

In addition to joint restrictions, Motor vehicle accident injuries can also result in soft tissue damage such as muscle strains, ligament sprains, and contusions. Our physical therapists use various soft tissue mobilization techniques, such as massage therapy and myofascial release, to promote healing and improve flexibility.

Strengthening Exercises

After a motor vehicle accident, the affected muscles may become weak due to disuse or injury. Our physical therapists use strengthening exercises to rebuild the muscles’ strength, which helps restore function and reduce the risk of future injury.

Balance and Coordination Training

Motor vehicle accidents can also cause balance and coordination issues, which can lead to falls and other accidents. Our physical therapists use balance and coordination training to improve the patient’s ability to move safely and confidently.

Functional Training

Functional training involves exercises that simulate real-life movements, such as lifting, pushing, pulling, and reaching. Our physical therapists use functional training to help patients regain the ability to perform their daily activities and tasks, such as driving, cooking, and cleaning.

Return to Work/Sport

Returning to work or sports after a Motor vehicle accident injury can be challenging. Our physical therapists work closely with patients to develop a plan that gradually reintroduces them to their work or sports activities. We provide education and support to help patients maintain their progress and prevent future injuries.

Recover from accidents faster with physical therapy for Motor Vehicle Accidents In Epping and Greenland

Motor vehicle accidents can cause significant physical and emotional trauma. At our physical therapy clinic, we are committed to helping our patients recover from Motor vehicle accident injuries and return to their pre-accident level of function. Our physical therapists use a holistic approach that combines pain management, range of motion exercises, soft tissue mobilization, strengthening exercises, balance and coordination training, functional training, and psychological support. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and start your journey to recovery.

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Elaine Deschambeault

When I retired to care for my young grandson, I found that my mobility, strength and balance was not what I thought it was! Found myself with lower back and leg pain from all the lifting, bending and car seat transitions, which impacted activities of daily living/sleep. I gave Ability Allies a call and they promptly set up an appointment that worked for my schedule. Not only have they worked with me to address the symptoms, but are giving me a foundation of exercises to overall improve my quality of life and the confidence to maintain my wellbeing going forward.  All sessions are 1:1 for an hour, with attention to detail at all times. I have been working with Dr, Niccole, who makes the sessions meaningful and interesting.  All the staff that I have had the pleasure of meeting have been kind and thoughtful in their interactions. Would recommend for quality of service,  They are invested in the people of their community having quality wellbeing

Ryan Nugent

Dr. Milad and Dr. Tilton were instrumental in getting me back to health from injury in record time so that I could complete my first marathon.  Their knowledge and professionalism are beyond compare.  The facility I used in Epping was excellent, with everything you could need.  They take the time to get to know you, your injury and your goals and create a custom plan that works with your schedule, your ability and your timeline.  I cannot recommend them highly enough.