Ability Allies Testimonials

Melissa Koren Wilson

From the moment I heard about Ability Allies, I could immediately sense that this isn’t just another physical therapy clinic. The level of care and dedication I receive here is unparalleled, making a profound difference in my ongoing journey to recovery. The 1:1 attention truly sets Ability Allies apart. This isn’t about quickly rotating patients in and out. It’s about ensuring that every individual gets the full attention they need, every single time. This attention isn’t just accelerating my physical progress but is also uplifting my mindset. Knowing that someone genuinely cares about my progress and success provides immense reassurance. I’m never just given a task and then left on my own while the therapist attends to other patients. My therapist is always present, guiding and supporting me throughout the entire session. In a world where time is of the essence, I genuinely feel that every moment I invest in my well-being at Ability Allies is both valued by the staff and valuable for my recovery. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Thank you, Ability Allies, for making such a tangible difference!

Susan Brisson

I had a persistent plantar fasciitis and needed to prep for a running event. Upon hearing this Dr Natalie and Dr Niccole started treating my foot and did some trouble shooting to determine which treatments I responded best to. I am happy to report, in 4 short weeks, I was able to participate in my running event and still managed to reach my goals there. Thank you Ability Allies for your wonderful practice, truly helpful in keeping me going!

Elaine Deschambeault

When I retired to care for my young grandson, I found that my mobility, strength and balance was not what I thought it was! Found myself with lower back and leg pain from all the lifting, bending and car seat transitions, which impacted activities of daily living/sleep. I gave Ability Allies a call and they promptly set up an appointment that worked for my schedule. Not only have they worked with me to address the symptoms, but are giving me a foundation of exercises to overall improve my quality of life and the confidence to maintain my wellbeing going forward. All sessions are 1:1 for an hour, with attention to detail at all times. I have been working with Dr, Niccole, who makes the sessions meaningful and interesting. All the staff that I have had the pleasure of meeting have been kind and thoughtful in their interactions. Would recommend for quality of service, They are invested in the people of their community having quality wellbeing

Ryan Nugent

Dr. Milad and Dr. Tilton were instrumental in getting me back to health from injury in record time so that I could complete my first marathon. Their knowledge and professionalism are beyond compare. The facility I used in Epping was excellent, with everything you could need. They take the time to get to know you, your injury and your goals and create a custom plan that works with your schedule, your ability and your timeline. I cannot recommend them highly enough

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Anita Dugas

Niccole has done wonders for me at the Epping office. I am so grateful that i chose ability allies for my PT. She has the knowledge to know just what exercises i need to get my balance and strength back to where i need to be safely. Thank you Niccole.

Whitney Blatsos

Natalie was an absolute lifesaver when I had severe hip pain during my pregnancy. She did dry needling, gentle PT and gave me stretches and methods to move around.