Niccole LeBlanc

Core Values


Favorite Quote

“We don’t stop playing, because we grow old. We grow old, because we stop playing.”

What is Niccole Watching, Reaching or Listening to?

  • Between two Kingdoms: A memoir of A Life Interrupted by Jaouad Suleika
  • Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Niccole LeBlanc


Niccole is a physical therapist assistant at Ability Allies.

Niccole has a movement science degree with a concentration in sports medicine with a physical therapist degree at Westfield State and Mount Wachusett.

Niccole has experience treating patients with musculoskeletal and neurological disorders in the geretric and pediatric population.

She specializes in LSVT Big to help delay the onset of Parkinson’s. She also specializes in Graston technique, Yoga, and Pilates mat and reformer.

She loves to incorporate activities that patients love to do into her treatment sessions.

She believes it is important to help patients get back to the activities they enjoy doing.

When she isn’t working she is hiking, biking, skiing, surfing, doing yoga, Pilates or enjoying the beach.

Currently seeing patients at the Epping location