Lisa Burner

Lisa Burner

Yoga Instructor

Lisa started her Yoga journey in 2015. Yoga has opened her eyes to so many things on and off the mat, and she is so excited to share this positive mindset with you!

She practices living in the moment daily by taking time to slow down and enjoy our time on this earth. Music is a huge part of Lisa’s life, and having a practice that allows the music to guide your body through the poses is so harmonious.

She is always smiling and laughing, and she is sure to make you do the same at least once during class. Lisa is on a mission to spread positive vibes and brighten your day, while leading you through a very well rounded practice with something for everyone. Using your own body to become stronger and more limber, while calming the mind during a musical journey, with anything from Tom Petty and classic rock, to Soul Music and throwbacks from any generation. It is sure to have you wanting more.


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