Ergonomic Assessment In Epping and Greenland

In Home and In Office Assessment

An inadequate work setting can alter your daily posture, and quite frankly, lead to impairment, weakness, and dysfunction of the spine and extremities. Having a proper ergonomic assessment can improve your health by reducing injuries and sick time in addition to improving workflow and productivity. The assessment includes a scheduled visit to your place of business where we will observe the efficiency of a person’s behaviors and movement patterns influenced from the structures around the work station and nature of job tasks to make appropriate recommendations.

Get the best benefits of an optimal work environment to promote an advantage to your well being with accurate clinical measurements to support an ideal ergonomic set up for you and your staff in your home or business settings.

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Desk Work Stretching Routine

This guided routine is helpful to stretch muscles that can be specifically strained from working at a desk or computer in order to help reverse patterns of poor posture.

Take 5 minutes in your workday to help your posture

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Natalie is extremely thorough and was able to get to the root of my injury. I no longer have swelling and my mobility is back to normal. She gave me an exercise plan that I can use forever to remain athletic at age 63. I would highly recommend her and will continue to check in

Anita Dugas

Niccole has done wonders for me at the Epping office. I am so grateful that i chose ability allies for my PT. She has the knowledge to know just what exercises i need to get my balance and strength back to where i need to be safely. Thank you Niccole.